A spooktacular spectacle of agency musical bingo

Last night we hosted an Indeedy Musical Bingo Halloween extravaganza (a game show meets dance party meets actual bingo) for some of our favourite London PR agencies, and it’s safe to say we’ll never be able to look at an inflatable dinosaur the same way again.

The event was held at Foundation Bar in Covent garden where 17 agencies battled it out to win a £250 cheque for a charity of their choice, alongside bragging rights, and a whole host of other very special prizes.

Indeedy Musical Bingo is like normal bingo but with songs instead of numbers. Participants were simply asked to listen out for a tune and mark it off on their sheet.

No one could have guessed the dance-offs, sing-offs, Macarena routines and pumpkin twerking that ensued! Nor could anyone have guessed that a sandwich maker and a hotdog outfit would be so desirable.

Hume Brophy were overall victorious and won £250 for their client Ovarian Cancer Action, but some might say that LEWIS PR with their dance moves and Wild Card, who gained a new team member were also #winning!

Check out the #GorkanaBingo hashtag on Twitter for some highlights, and if you’d like to find out about more Gorkana events, then have a look at our website or email the team at events@gorkana.com.


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