Meet the analysis team: Molly O’Connor

Molly O’Connor

At Cision, we connect organisations to critical information and insight that enables them to control and manage their reputation across all media platforms.

Our analysis and insights team create the bespoke reports and coverage summaries that are crucial – and they’re recruiting for data analysts to join them. We talk to new(ish) recruit, Molly O’Connor to find out what happens in the world of Cision analysis…

How long have you worked here?
I’ve have worked at Cision since October, so have been here for around 6 months now.

Tell me about your current role?
The analysis team produce insights reports for brands, which allows them to better understand their place in the media landscape, and the impact of their PR campaigns. As a data analyst on the analysis team, I work on a number of accounts ensuring that the quality of media analysis is high, managing the external coders, and organising large data-sets, so that the data incorporated into the reports is accurate and correct.

How did your background lead you here?
Before coming to Cision, I had just finished my Masters in Psychology where I completed a research paper with a psychologist who specialises in research methods and statistical analysis. So because of this, I had become really interested in the application of research and data analysis, and how it can be used in different fields to produce insightful results, which can be used to drive change – so Cision was the perfect place to put my interest into practice.

What do you like most about working for us?
The people definitely make every day more enjoyable – everyone is really relaxed and willing to help! There are also loads of benefits you can take advantage of, like having 50% paid towards your gym membership, or getting a loan for your travel card!

Describe a typical day as a data analyst?
Tasks vary every day and depend on which accounts you have – their requirements, and the time of year. As a data analyst, much of the work revolves around checking the quality and accuracy of the vendors coding of media, managing the vendors on your accounts, and providing feedback on their work.

How would you describe the work environment?
The working culture is very collaborative, friendly, and dedicated. Everyone is really helpful and wants you to be able to do your best. There are also a lot of opportunities to take on different tasks and improve skills that you are interested in developing.

Tell me about a change or improvement you’ve had the opportunity to make?
I was able to be involved in the set-up of a new client account one month after starting my job here at Cision. This was really challenging as it was an incredibly complex account with various needs and goals, but despite this, I was given a large degree of ownership over certain aspects of the account which I have been allowed to exercise a lot of creativity over.

I now oversee the daily production of the DPS, and I am able to implement my own style of feedback which reflects the client’s requirements and has resulted in significant improvements in the relevancy of the content.

Name three things you think it takes to succeed at our organisation?
Clear communication, attention to detail, and taking the initiative to make improvements to processes where you can.

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By Jessica Lewis

Digital and Social Media Manager