Building a foolproof crisis comms response in four steps

Building a foolproof crisis comms response in four steps

Perhaps the most important role for a PR is to be able to guide their company or client through a crisis.

Given that nothing can wipe reputation, prestige and share price from an organisation quicker than a PR crisis which is spiralling out of control, crisis communications is, ironically, one of the best ways a communicator can illustrate their value to an organisation.

What is key from an organisational standpoint is that its comms team, whether it be in-house or an agency, projects an aura of calm and certainty which spreads to the rest of the group during a crisis situations.

For comms professionals to be able to provide the assurance that everything is going to be okay and that they are handling the crisis, they need a plan and a method which can be implemented as soon as an organisation enters a crisis situation.

In our latest white paper – The four steps to creating a foolproof crisis comms response – we explore the four key areas communicators need to cover to ensure their organisation can get on the front foot during a crisis while being secure and consistent in its response.

Items covered in the white paper include:

  • Data-backed examples proving why a swift and organised crisis response is a necessity to limit reputational damage
  • Being able to identify when an issue may lead to a crisis and why this is critical
  • What should be in your crisis comms plan and how you can battle-test it
  • How to build a working relationship with the legal team which helps you to get the messages you want out to the wider public
  • Ensuring your spokespeople save rather than sink you
  • How you can monitor and analyse the impact of your crisis comms response with the latest comms technology

To gather valuable insights into how you can survive a comms crisis, download The four steps to creating a foolproof crisis comms response by filling in the form below.

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By Alister Houghton

Alister writes about the PR and comms industry as content marketing manager at Cision. Send case studies, press releases and story pitches to