Stuart Anderson launches Alpha Public Relations

Clarion Wealth Planning Limited’s former head of marketing and communications, Stuart Anderson, has today launched specialist financial consultancy Alpha Public Relations.

Alpha Public Relations founder, Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson, Alpha Public Relations founder

The Manchester-based agency will provide PR and marketing services to boutique and mid-market professional and financial services firms nationwide.

Anderson believes his knowledge of the financial services sector will help Alpha Public Relations identify the best opportunities for clients and provide journalists with relevant, original and engaging content.

Prior to founding the agency, Anderson spent five years at Cheshire-based financial planning firms Clarion Wealth Planning Limited and Clarion Investment Management Limited. Before moving into marketing, he was editor of Pensions Age, Continuity Insurance and Risk and EN.

“I know the difference between an MBO, an MBI and a BIMBO, have a passing acquaintance with the inheritance tax 14-year trap and can even have a decent stab at a definition of amortisation,” said Anderson. “More importantly, I know why my clients’ clients should care about these things and how to explain the relevant issues in terms the public understands and enjoys reading.”