GWPR launches Global Gender Pay Gap survey

GWPR (Global Women in Public Relations), an international professional body of women’s PR association members, has launched a Global Gender Pay Gap survey to highlight gender pay discrepancies in the industry.

Angela+Sue 1GWPR is a new, international network of female PR association members. It provides networking opportunities for senior PR women, and hosts discussions around the major issues that affect them.

Co-founders of GWPR, Sue Hardwick and Angela Oakes, said: “In the UK, women constitute two-thirds of the overall working population in the PR industry, however, there is a widely reported gender pay gap. Quite simply, men and women in the UK PR industry are not being equally rewarded.

“We believe that this issue is not limited to the UK, but is affecting the majority of women working in PR around the world. Initiating the Global Gender Pay Gap survey will enable us to highlight the bigger picture.”

GWPR has recently been appointed a place on the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Board of Management. The ICCO comprises PR trade associations representing over 2,500 agencies, in 48 countries worldwide.

ICCO chief executive, Francis Ingham, said: “There is a global problem with the gender pay gap in PR, and we are very pleased that GWPR is seeking to address this issue. The existence of a gap deters entrants into our industry, and encourages leavers from it. With GWPR now a member of the ICCO Board, we can work closely to shine a light on this incredibly concerning problem. And having shone that light, we can then take action to solve it.”

If you have any questions about the research or are interested in taking part, please contact Sue Hardwick ( or Angela Oakes (, or take the survey here.

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