Pixoneye hires Bite for UK launch

Israeli startup Pixoneye has chosen Bite to help launch its digital analytics app technology in the UK.


Ofri Ben Porat

Pixoneye’s algorithms analyse photos and videos on smartphones, providing information on the interests of users that brands can use to improve their customer experience.

Without ‘seeing’ images or moving them to an external server, Pixoneye technology allows a user’s device to scan photos, condense the data, and extract it. This data is then sent to the specific brand in real time.

Bite will raise the profile of Pixoneye’s mobile data analytics and personalisation platform, which the start-up describes as “the Holy Grail” for marketers.

The startup said Bite’s experience and creative ideas fitted with its requirements in terms of the agency’s understanding and cultural fit. Other agencies were involved, but Bite succeeded without a competitive pitch process.

Ofri Ben Porat (pictured), CEO of Pixoneye, said: “We love the fact that Bite already feels like an extended part of Pixoneye. There’s already a great feeling of togetherness. We have great admiration of the energy of every one of our team, and I believe the work we’re doing together will make a huge impact to our business’ success.”

Bite’s deputy MD, Rachel Gilley, added: “It’s a great win for us. Pixoneye is the type of company we at Bite strive to work with because of its tech-driven innovation that’s exciting, has a great story, and will undoubtedly make waves in the consumer analytics world.”