Fava Mill of Finland appoints Mason Williams

Fava Mill BC

Fava Mill products

Manchester-based Mason Williams Communications has been appointed by Fava Mill of Finland to launch new products in the UK.

The Fava Bean product range includes a series of six Granolas plus dried beans that can be added to soups, stocks and everyday cooking.

Mason Williams will launch the product at the end of June at Kensington Palace Gardens in London. It will also launch a campaign that covers traditional and social media as well as pop-up shops in the Manchester area.

The agency’s team will be split across its Manchester and London offices.

Rita Rowe, founder and MD at Mason Williams, said: “It is very exciting to be a part of this launch – a new brand and a new super food to come in to the UK. We believe that the public will really get behind the brand as it offers a unique range that we all want – high protein, low salt, low sugar, good for you but also tastes like an indulgent brand.”