Adam Harwood to join AAT

Adam HardwoodThe Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has appointed Adam Harwood as media relations manager.

Harwood is set to deliver media coverage across all platforms and develop campaigns designed to increased awareness of AAT and the issues it represents, specifically in the areas of careers advice, social mobility, taxation and general finance.

Previously, he was PR manager at Octopus Investments. For three years, Harwood also worked as PR specialist for wealth manager Towry.

Harwood said: “The AAT works tirelessly for the benefit of its 135,000 members across a series of issues including education, social mobility, accountancy and taxation, and its PR team has a rich pedigree in developing newsworthy campaigns that reach key audiences. I am relishing the opportunity to meet with new journalists in some sectors I have previously done less work with, along with maintaining strong links to the personal finance industry.”