Gorkana meets…Klaus Fiala and Forbes Austria

Tell us about your role and remit at Forbes Austria. I am a reporter covering business and finance, specifically for the investment section of our monthly print issue, where we cover topics such as markets, stocks, and so on. In addition to conventional equity analysis, we also aim to seek out unusual stories such as […]

Gorkana meets…Jelle Maasbach and BNR Nieuwsradio

You studied media, information and communications at university and wrote your dissertation on economic infographics. How, and why, did you decide to specialise in financial journalism? That happened by chance, in a similar way to how I ended up in journalism in the first place. I was hopeless at economics in secondary school, and even […]

Gorkana Meets…Gilles Marchand and Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Firstly, could you please sum up your career so far, as well as what keeps you busy professionally at the moment? Originally educated as a sociologist at University of Geneva, I started working as a book publisher and then specialised in studies and analyses of written press, both daily and magazine, readerships. Afterwards, I managed […]

Gorkana Meets…Benjiamin Albertalli, auto journalist

You are an automotive journalist, writing for a variety of publications, and one of the youngest reporters who specialises in the automotive sector. Can you tell us a bit about your career? It is a profession that, in a certain way, represents a life’s dream come true. At 16, I realised that I might have what […]

Gorkana meets…Justine Marcella, Vorsten and The Crown

You covered many topics as a journalist before becoming a royalty reporter. How and why did you decide to specialise in royalty? When I was a reporter for the Dutch TV channel SBS6 back in 1998, I noticed that the Prince had begun to develop into his role as the future king. He had become […]