Social Insights: Before you sign

You did it! You managed to wrangle a few quid from your Head of Comms to invest in Social Insights for 2017. Well done. (Not that you’re entirely sure what ‘social insights’ really means though… something to do with re-tweets and likes, right?) But now you have a pretty daunting task ahead of you … […]

#SMW16: How brands stay true to their audiences

How do brands stay true to their audiences in a rapidly changing world? Relative Insight and TechHub hosted a panel for Social Media Week that attempted to explore that question. While the discussion itself wasn’t brimming with ideas, it did toss out a few points to explore further. Staying ‘true’ to your audience obviously necessitates […]

Language trumps location

I hate to use the ‘T’ word, but the phrase ‘language trumps location’ from the recent AMEC Summit does have a ring to it. Tim O’Brien, General Manager of Global Communications at Microsoft, referenced this point when sharing insights from his own measurement programme. The nature of traditional media has helped to establish a ‘market […]