Date: Thursday 31 May
Time: 15.00 – 16.00
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Take a comprehensive tour of the industry’s most powerful monitoring and targeting software – the Cision Communications Cloud®.

Luke Williams, product marketing executive, and Laurence Lebret, product specialist, will lead you through a demo of the Cision Comms Cloud.

Learn how to:

  • Understand your brand’s impact: Find out what people are saying about your brand and compare this against your competitors.
  • Leverage comprehensive analytics for a user-friendly interface to filter and build creative charts, making it easier to understand the success of your coverage.
  • Harness shareable, customisable reporting to quickly and safely share the results that are important to you and your colleagues.
  • Create customised content templates for more personal communication.
  • Sort, add, and delete tags across your entire systems from a single interface, streamlining the organisation of news clips.
  • Intuitive list management with insights, sorting options with grid view, and more filters to locate the right influencers.
  • Sort influencers by metrics important to you. Such as contact name, outlet name, audience reach, UVPM, or influencer rank, ensuring the most impactful influencers are contacted.
  • Share, download, and edit capabilities reducing manual touch points while taking full advantage of the data.

Join Luke and Laurence to discover how our intuitive platform empowers you identify influencers that can deliver your message, craft and distribute meaningful campaigns, and monitor the impact.

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