The Hook’s original content is what helps the social publisher stand out from its competitors, head of production Jessica Lever revealed in the inaugural CisionMeets… webinar.

Lever, who was joined in the webinar by chief content officer Mike Burton, outlined how the title’s signature original content engaged its audience but was also fun for the team to produce.

“We started making original content and comedy sketches and discovered that people loved them, and were commenting on them, and that they produced massive view numbers,” she said. “There was obviously a massive gap in the market, but also this type of content is what we love creating, and because we’ve always done that in-house it’s what makes us stand-apart from other social publishers.”

Burton added: “It’s all about original content for us. By the end of 2017 we’d seen a 400% increase in original content output from 2016, with a total of 14.3 million people engaging in our original content and a total of 766 million views across content we’d actually created.”

The pair also used the webinar to detail what The Hook is looking for when creating content, how the content resonates with its generation Z and millennial audience and how they both like to work with PRs.

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