Men’s media has undergone a shift. The lads’ mag is well and truly dead, while there is an increasing backlash against titles which promote images of topless men with bulging muscles.

In their place, publications aimed at men are exploring a new type of masculinity and examining the issues which seem inherent with the gender.

Thursday, March 21
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These titles are challenging the stereotypes which have constrained men in a similar way to which other publications have challenged stereotypes levelled at women.

To find out more about “new masculinity” and what brands can do to work with titles covering this concept, we’re delighted that The Book of Man editor Martin Robinson will join us for our latest CisionMeets… webinar.

The Book of Man aims to be a support network offering both advice and inspiration to men as the expectations placed on them by society evolve.

Using a team of top writers and experts, as well as inspirational columnists, the website investigates what it is to be a man by questioning masculinity, creating debate around the issues men face, and exploring new, progressive ways to live.

Former ShortList editor Robinson will explain why he set up the website, which areas of new masculinity it covers and how PRs can work with the title