From TV reality shows to the food blogging phenomenon, the way that food media has changed and grown in popularity in the last few years has been astonishing. Not only have we seen consumers demand to know more about what they eat and how to eat well, we have seen cooking and baking competitions on TV become mass market entertainment. There has been a growth in the number of people creating food related content. From recipes to insider tips on where and what to eat when eating out, thousands of food blogs – specialist and otherwise – have been launched and thrived in the past decade.

Even celebrity chefs, which once might have relied on retail or media partners for profile, have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by digital media to become content and video producers in their own right.

So where does this leave traditional media owners and food writers and journalists? While there is increased demand for food content, there is also a lot more choice. This exclusive panel event will discuss the opportunities for food content, and how the media is evolving to make the most of the new marketplace.

Panellists include: Laurel Ives, food editor  of The Sunday Times and editor of The Dish, Tony Turnbull, food editor at The Times and Helen Best-Shaw, food and recipe writer for Fuss Free Flavours.