Forbes Europe works best with PRs, companies and entrepreneurs that develop long-term relationships with the title, Forbes Europe editor Alex Wood revealed at this exclusive Cision media briefing.

Speaking to a packed audience of PR professionals, Wood explained that he has an “old fashioned” view of how PRs and journalists can work together.

“For me personally, it is about more of a long-term relationship,” he said. “I like to keep in touch with PRs on the basis of ‘these are the clients I have’ or ‘this is what is going on’ or ‘this could happen in the future’. I don’t really respond well to last-minute stuff, purely because I’m so much about quality and I want to do something well rather than see it rushed.”

Wood also discussed the title’s focus on the personalities who drive the business world, how to make pitches stand out to the team and its signature lists and contributor model.

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