Chris Newlands, editor of Financial News, outlined the weekly’s aim to set the City agenda and compete with the FT’s financial services desk at this Cision media briefing.

Joined by Francesco Guerrera, Financial News’ publisher and head of EMEA at Dow Jones Media Group, the pair elaborated on what its audience want to read and new features being added to the publication.

“We want to break stories, we want to be interesting and we want to provide news that other publications aren’t providing,” Newlands said. “Interesting is the key. I tell the editorial team to forget the stories which are boring so they have more time to work on the interesting ones.”

On Financial News’ readership, Guerrera quipped: “The bar is much higher because their knowledge is much higher. If we did a story stating that MIFID II could lead to fragmentation of liquidity in capital markets their response would be ‘well, duh’.”

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