If Carlsberg did Christmas trees…

Facebook at Work, the professional version of the social network, is expected to launch in the coming months, after spending a year in tests. The new service, geared towards workplace collaboration, is nearly identical to its ubiquitous social network, with a scrolling news “feed”, “likes” and a chat service. However, it was underlined that there will… Continue reading If Carlsberg did Christmas trees…

Make tea, not war!

On Thursday, HBO released a 40 second spot for season 6 of Game Of Thrones which will debut in April. The teaser, featuring Jon Snow whose fate remains unknown, reignited the rumours that he might be alive. Game of Thrones enthusiasts have long suspected and hoped that Snow’s death at the end of season 5 was not meant… Continue reading Make tea, not war!

Word of the year, Lego and an all new Google+

The Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year 2015 is not actually a word. Instead, for the first time ever, a pictograph has been given the honour. The emoji ‘face with tears of joy’ took the top spot this year, beating competition from words like ‘Brexit’, ‘ad blocker’ and ‘lumbersexual’. Research by Oxford University Press and Swiftkey showed that ‘face with tears… Continue reading Word of the year, Lego and an all new Google+

Happy Birthday Instagram!

This week, Facebook unveiled ‘Reactions’, a new tool that will allow users to go beyond the Like button and use emojis to express their emotional responses. Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox has described Reactions as “a more expressive Like button”, with initial pilots taking place in Ireland and Spain. Reactions looks like an exciting addition to Facebook and… Continue reading Happy Birthday Instagram!