When less is more – how measurement profits not-for-profits

Communications measurement is booming. According to industry analysts Burton Taylor, media analysis (including social media) is the fastest growing segment of the media intelligence market, while the latest AMEC Global Business Study shows that 81% of members are expecting growth in insights services in 2018. The largest corporate brands on the planet are investing significantly […]

Thinking fast and slow

You wouldn’t have thought that forensically detailed accounts of the use of statistics in basketball and “collatoralised debt obligations” in finance would lead to best-selling books and hit Hollywood movies, but that is exactly what Michael Lewis did with Moneyball and The Big Short. It is probably because what seemed to be inconsequential technical minutae […]

The cuckoo in the nest

When individuals have more influence than the organisations they represent Following her well received speech at the Golden Globes, there was widespread speculation that Oprah Winfrey may run as a Democrat candidate in the 2020 US presidential election. The rationale is that we are living in an age where having a personal brand is important. […]

A new media reformation?

He has an orange complexion and an odd hairstyle. He is an outsider who has taken on the establishment of the most powerful nation in the world. He has embraced new media platforms to directly communicate to the population using language that cuts against political correctness and resonates with ordinary people. His rhetoric has led […]

Is Fake News…fake news?

So it’s official, ‘Fake news’ is the ‘word’ of 2017. Well, according to Collins who have named the term ‘word of the year’, stating that usage has increased by 365% since 2016. Indeed, earlier in the year Cision produced a white paper on the subject featuring views from a variety of communications professionals, but the […]