Opinion: Why I love working with disruptive brands

Emily Keogh, managing director of Palm PR, talks about working with disruptors and why having a disruptive approach to PR is a necessity for communicators. Uber, Tesla, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix – what do these tech brands have in common? Over the past few years, we’ve seen all of them take consumer experience in their categories and […]

Meeting Claudine Adeyemi: “Don’t be silly – be yourself!”

Last week, Cision’s Empower initiative held another great event where Cision employees had the honour of hearing from Claudine Adeyemi and listen to her journey. This is her story so far… By Linn Jakobsen and Periesa Palmer At the age of 11 years old, Claudine knew she wanted to be a lawyer. She had thought about […]

Opinion: How to communicate in the ‘techlash’ age

Amy Drummond, head of technology at AprilSix Proof, discusses the findings of the agency’s latest report into the current backlash against tech companies. The ‘techlash’ – the backlash against the technology industry – is growing in intensity, fuelled by public, and political, concerns around data privacy and job security. But what does the techlash mean […]

Opinion: Why marketers are investing in micro partnerships

Jill Coomber, co-founder of OneChocolate, explores the findings of the agency’s report into micro partnerships and why marketers now value brand awareness and value, over sales. Our latest report, Navigating the new marketing must-have: micro partnerships, confirms that UK marketers are flocking to invest in micro partnerships, with 84% increasing their planned investment for 2018-19. […]

Opinion: Why the north offers a world of comms opportunities

Alex Pegler, account manager at Higginson Strategy – which has offices in both London and Chester, explores how the northern powerhouse can drive comms opportunities away from the south of the country.  Last month, Theresa May led her ministers to the Sage concert hall in Gateshead for her first ever cabinet meeting in the north-east. […]

Opinion: Lack of CEO engagement in comms impacts business growth

Laura Tallett, director of business and corporate at Speed Communications, discusses the struggle of engaging CEOs in marketing activity and how to overcome these barriers. Gaining buy-in from the senior leadership team is paramount to any successful comms strategy, yet many businesses face challenges when it comes to engaging their CEO in their marcomms programme. […]

Opinion: How award wins help build a PRable brand story

Antonia Goddard, marketing and communications executive at Product of the Year, explores how brands can leverage winning an industry award. In the age of instant digital celebrities, Love Island gossip, clickbait and fat-busting secrets, there’s more competition than ever to grab a few column inches, never mind a headline. Journalists are time-pressured, so we condense […]

Opinion: Why non-execs are PR’s bridge into the boardroom

Scott Addison and Tal Donahue, board director and senior account manager respectively at Infinite Global, argue that communicators should build relationships with non-executive directors to get their voice heard by the board. Given the speed at which reputational issues have risen up the corporate agenda over recent years, the arguments for PR to have a […]

Opinion: Communicators must help promote health data sharing

Catherine Desmidt, associate director and head of the health practice at Hotwire, argues that communicators must help health practitioners explain how data sharing benefits patients. Stories about data and how it is used or abused are consistently in the media. Big technology companies are being held to account over the security of data, whilst we, […]