Abe Smith: I can see clearly now…

It’s 7:00 am on a Tuesday and the day breaks, not with the sun or a warm cup of java, but with the sterile “X” of that iconic green productivity staple known as Microsoft Excel staring me in the face. As a business leader driving a large organisation in Europe, like so many other executives, […]

Abe Smith: Here’s to the crazy ones…

With the New Year now here, it’s a good time to both reflect on 2017 and, importantly, look towards the opportunity ahead. I could talk for hours about the adventures, already, across the continent or the journey I’ve been on (both literally and metaphorically) to get here. For now, I’ll defer to Facebook for that account. […]

Abe Smith: What the papers say

I recently wrote about my views from the tube and the national love affair, or so it seemed, with the daily newspaper. But the question was – has print seen its day? This question continued to nag at me as I headed to Heathrow for a flight to Frankfurt. Being new to Europe and killing […]

Abe Smith: A view from my seat on the train

I couldn’t help but notice. The signs were everywhere. The Apocalypse may not be coming after all. At least not on the tube in London. It was on the train, in my first week in London, where I first noticed something about media scene in Europe. Or, at least, in the UK. While I thought […]

Abe Smith: London Calling

Two months ago, together with my family and our dog, I embarked on a journey that was the culmination of professional and personal goals all neatly wrapped together. This journey actually started more than 25 years ago. At the start of my career, I packed my bags and moved to Asia to live – totally […]