Meet the Journalist: olive editor Laura Rowe

Meet the Journalist: olive editor Laura Rowe

Laura Rowe, editor of olive magazine, discusses being named an FIPP rising star, what food and drink stories she’s looking for and her biggest food phobia. 

Laura Rowe olive editor

Laura Rowe

You were named one of FIPP’s rising stars last year. How did it feel to win that award?

It was an incredible honour to be recognised internationally for all of our achievements on olive over the past year. We are such a small team but are doing mighty things for olive across multiple platforms.

To be handed the award in front of some of the most talented publishers from around the world was a career highlight.

When producing an issue of the magazine, what is the key thing you want to achieve?

Sounds simple, but to create something that our readers will want to read! Every recipe, in particular the one on the cover, has to be must-make. Every restaurant recommendation should be genuinely useful, and every travel feature should be inspiring and make you want to book your next food-focused break there and then. Everything is for the reader.

Can you describe a typical olive reader?

Our readers are super foodies. Whether they’re busy professionals and need quick and easy recipes that don’t compromise on flavour or excitement, or are retired and want ideas for weekend bakes and hearty, family meals – they just love food and travelling for food!

Which particular areas of food and drink are you most interested in? Is there anything you won’t cover?

We’re very interested in the latest trends (but only the good ones! No mermaid toast or cloud eggs here, please!) and food and drink that you want to eat. No diet stuff please.

What sort of content works best for your weekly podcast?

Our podcasts are about the food stories and food heroes that inspire us. Often we’ll have chats with experts in their fields – so chefs, bakers, baristas, bartenders – sharing their knowledge and advice, rather than plugging where they work.

The team will also share their top tips. It’s meant to feel like you’re sat around our desks with us, getting excited about great food, drink and travel.

What is your relationship with PRs? And what’s the best way for them to pitch to the magazine?

I love PRs! Those who are good at their jobs can make our lives so much easier. What really helps us out is if the PR reads our magazine and website before pitching, if they personalise communication with us (rather than sending mass emails), and actually think about how the client or story would fit in with our existing feature structures.

You can imagine how many emails we all get on a daily basis, so if the email can be succinct and properly targeted, that saves us so much time!

Are there any changes to the magazine for 2018?

We’re constantly evolving at olive and we have some plans across all of our platforms in the new year… I couldn’t possibly reveal those just yet, though!

Finally, what’s the one dish you wish you’re able to cook?

I’d like to think I can cook pretty much anything… but I do have a severe phobia of baked beans, so I’ll probably continue to avoid them!

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