Why every brand should be using influencers in 2018

It’s 2012, and Erin Deering has just decided to follow her dreams and start her own swimwear company.

She packs up her life and moves to Hong Kong with Craig, her fiancé. But with limited resources to put into traditional ad campaigns, she knows she’ll have to get creative if she’s going to make her venture a success.

So, she and Craig carefully package some of their signature styles and send them as gifts to a select group of handpicked social influencers.

These influencers have three things in common. They’re active on Instagram. They look great in swimwear. And they all know Kendall Jenner – an icon among Erin’s target audience of 20-something millenials.

Her big break comes in 2013, when Kendall herself appears on Instagram wearing one of Erin’s bikinis. From there, the online buzz around her products grows and grows – and the rest is history.

Today, Erin’s company – Triangl – is worth £34 million. She’s one of the world’s wealthiest Australians, and it’s all thanks to influencer marketing.

Her story is the perfect example of what’s possible when you identify the right influencers for your brand and use smart insights to craft campaigns that drive company revenue. And this month’s Cision white paper reveals how you can harness the latest influencer marketing trends to do exactly that in 2018 and beyond. In the white paper:

  • You’ll hear from industry leaders including YouTube star Caspar Lee, W deputy MD Sophie Raine and supercar vlogger Mr JWW about the key trends facing the industry in 2018.
  • You’ll see why, in today’s media landscape, targeted partnerships with niche influencers can deliver far greater results than coverage in the mainstream press.
  • And you’ll discover how new technology is helping brands develop profitable relationships and capitalise on the biggest opportunities in influencer marketing today.

At Cision, we believe every business should be leveraging influencers to share their story with potential customers. After shooting to prominence in 2017, it’s now one of the fastest growing PR disciplines – and with success stories like Triangl’s it’s easy to see why.

But in today’s fast-changing media environment, it’s vital to stay up to date with the latest influencer marketing trends if you want to make the most of it in your comms strategy.

So, enter your details into the form below now to download Why every brand should be using influencers in 2018 – and discover how to harness the latest influencer trends and integrate them with your comms strategy today.

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