Why measurement is the key to rapid earned media growth

Driving growth with PR measurement

For earned media to grow as rapidly as the paid and owned media industries have expanded, communicators need to embrace measurement.

Yet, many in PR still don’t see why measurement is so important. For them it’s about adding up how many people your coverage reached. Or else, they think it’s about guessing what an equivalent amount of ad space might have cost.

But neither of these interpretations comes close to explaining what makes measurement an essential part of every modern PR campaign.

Measurement is the key to understanding which messages change the way people think about your brand. It lets you see exactly which publications drive the most traffic to your website. It even reveals what types of coverage tend to generate the most leads and drive sales.

Imagine what that information could do for your next campaign.

Well, thanks to the latest analysis techniques, that level of insight is within your grasp – and it’s already helping some of the world’s biggest brands maximise the impact of their earned media initiatives:

These case studies are just a taste of what’s possible with the latest PR measurement techniques.

In fact, thanks to recent technological advances, you’ll soon be able to measure the impact of your earned media programmes just as effectively as your marketing and advertising colleagues.

Cision’s latest white paper reveals how to apply the latest measurement techniques to demonstrate the impact of your own comms programmes. What’s more, it provides an exclusive look at the technology set to revolutionise the industry in 2018.

Gartner’s latest CMO spend survey revealed that paid and owned media budgets were forecast to rise 300% in 2017. Now, new technology is opening the door for the same kind of rapid expansion in PR and comms.

So download Driving growth with PR measurement today using the form below – and discover the analysis breakthroughs set to bring earned media to the top of the marketing mix.

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By Solomon Radley

Solomon writes about all things PR and comms. Send him your case studies, press releases and story pitches at solomon.radley@gorkana.com.