AMEC 2016: AMEC launches Integrated Evaluation Framework

At the AMEC International Summit 2016, AMEC launched its Integrated Evaluation Framework with an interactive tool to promote effective measurement and bring The Barcelona Principles to a wider audience.

The online tool, which is available at, takes comms professionals through seven steps encouraging the adoption of the framework.

Users can submit objectives, inputs, activity, outputs, out-takes, outcomes and impact into the tool and create a PDF for download. It also features explanations alongside each step highlighting definitions and how the terms relate to business objectives.

Giles Peddy, group MD UK at LEWIS Global, and a member of the AMEC group that helped develop the tool, described it as ’tiled, easily mapped and visual’. He said: “We wanted a tool that anyone could use through any form of communication, whether it’s stakeholder engagement, or brand, or crisis communications. No matter what you were doing in your communications we needed that to work.

“We also needed a tool that anyone could use – from a graduate to a director – in-house, or whatever is required. The tool shows a journey between organisational objectives to communications objectives – all the way through to impact.”




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